Birth is the painful transfer of a fetus from the uterus through the vagina out into the world as we know it. Though painful, birth can be a very joyous occasion when the fetus is alive, healthy, and wanted. Words cannot express birth and all that it entails adequately, so Respect People recommends you look at pictures and videos of real, honestly-presented human birth experiences (and miscarriages). For your enlightenment, the best source of raw, beautiful, heartbreaking human birth pictures and videos is the Empowered Birth Project on Instagram, an online photo and video sharing social network. Founded by Katie Vigos, a registered nurse and mother, the Empowered Birth Project can be viewed at . If you are a very conservative person, be aware that the Empowered Birth Project promotes liberal ideologies; however, the pictures and videos shared through the project are so educational that it'd be a shame if you let your discomfort with certain ideologies get in your way of benefiting from the exploration of this vast collection of real human birth pictures and videos. Respect People highly recommends the Empowered Birth Project as the most comprehensive and accessible online library of real human birth media. Click the link above and check it out.